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bug#19296: [PATCH] Package archives now have priorities.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#19296: [PATCH] Package archives now have priorities.
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 09:52:26 -0500
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> So a warning "this package was installed from archive X, but is not
> available from there anymore" would suffice to fulfill this requirement,
> correct?

IIUC this is a very rare case.  The more common and important case is
when the package is available from several archives at the same time.

> Would it be enough if the package list displayed a string like
> "changed archive" or similar? (This needs a shorter name.)

>From the UI point of view, I don't know how best to display "new version
available from other archive".  Maybe it could be a message or prompt
that shows up when you "Mark Upgradable Packages"?

> I would tend to lean to overriding the -pkg.el file, but I do not have any
> big preferences.  Which way would you prefer?

Either way seems OK.

> If I add this functionality, will that make the reminder of the patch
> acceptable to be included in Emacs?

Not sure what "remainder" you're referring to.


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