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bug#19059: [PATCH] desktop-read re-enables desktop autosave when it shou

From: Kelly Dean
Subject: bug#19059: [PATCH] desktop-read re-enables desktop autosave when it shouldn't
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 03:45:26 +0000

Since patches are allowed now...

--- emacs-24.4/lisp/desktop.el
+++ emacs-24.4/lisp/desktop.el
@@ -1119,7 +1119,8 @@
              (desktop-buffer-fail-count 0)
              (owner (desktop-owner))
              ;; Avoid desktop saving during evaluation of desktop buffer.
-             (desktop-save nil))
+             (desktop-save nil)
+             (desktop-autosave-was-enabled))
          (if (and owner
                   (memq desktop-load-locked-desktop '(nil ask))
                   (or (null desktop-load-locked-desktop)
@@ -1135,6 +1136,8 @@
            ;; Temporarily disable the autosave that will leave it
            ;; disabled when loading the desktop fails with errors,
            ;; thus not overwriting the desktop with broken contents.
+           (setq desktop-autosave-was-enabled
+                 (memq 'desktop-auto-save-set-timer 
            ;; Evaluate desktop buffer and remember when it was modified.
            (load (desktop-full-file-name) t t t)
@@ -1188,7 +1191,7 @@
                                  (set-window-prev-buffers window nil)
                                  (set-window-next-buffers window nil))))
            (setq desktop-saved-frameset nil)
-           (desktop-auto-save-enable)
+           (if desktop-autosave-was-enabled (desktop-auto-save-enable))
       ;; No desktop file found.

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