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bug#19482: Changing to big font cause display problem

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#19482: Changing to big font cause display problem
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 16:14:57 +0100

Hi Jan

For my Gtk+ frame I currently get the following values for

(frame-outer-size 762 . 729)
(external-border-size 0 . 0)
(title-height . 25)
(menu-bar-external . t)
(menu-bar-size 752 . 25)
(tool-bar-external . t)
(tool-bar-position . top)
(tool-bar-size 752 . 44)
(frame-inner-size 752 . 630)

Now the sum of inner frame, tool bar, menu bar and title bar heights
gets me 724 (630 + 44 + 25 + 25) which means there are five pixels
missing wrt to the height of the outer frame.  These are obviously from
the bottom of the frame (bottom_off being 5 here) while apparently the
five pixels of the decoration at the top of the frame are not counted in
top_off.  The 5 + 5 missing pixels on the left and right of the frame
come from left_off and right_off, respectively.  The results for Lucid,
Motif and without toolkit frames are similar.

So I'd like to conclude that the size of my decorations are 5 everywhere
but I cannot find the 5 pixels from the decoration at the top.  25
pixels for the title bar sound reasonable, it appears quite as large as
the menu bar.  Any ideas?

Thanks, martin

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