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bug#19989: 25.0.50; Build instructions on Windows

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: bug#19989: 25.0.50; Build instructions on Windows
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 09:04:19 -0700
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On Sat, Mar 07, 2015 at 11:04:41AM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> So, let's try one more time, and this time try to provide full answers
> with all the details:

I do not have a time machine.  The actual install was made more than a
month ago.  I made some notes — and everything in these notes was
in my report.  The rest of historical information is gone.

>  . In which directory do you have the MinGW gcc.exe?

It is in
When bash --login is started with an empty path, this one is on
(due to my symlink of MSYS’s /mingw to the native directory FOO).

>  Please make a
>    point of showing its full absolute directory file name, both as
>    seen by Windows native programs and by MSYS Bash.  Please do NOT
>    substitute those stupid FOO placeholders, because they interfere
>    with understanding the problem.

Irrelevant.  You may think that FOO is f:/oo — it would be least
confusing.  Otherwise, if you want to confuse yourself MUCH more, FOO

>  . In which directory do you have the "wrong" gcc.exe?  Please provide
>    the same details about that as for the MinGW gcc.exe.

This IS absolutely irrelevant.  Moreover, it was in many different
directories on different tries.  All that is important is that it was
on PATH when
    bash --login
was started.

>  . What is the full value of PATH, in MSYS Bash and in the Windows
>    cmd.exe shell?

When started with empty PATH, the first one is, as reported,
The second one was, obviously, empty.

I won’t supply my default PATH for obvious reasons — and since it has
no bearing on half of the cases reported (empty PATH), and is
practically guaranteed to be irrelevant for the other half.

>  . Where do you have the MinGW headers and *.a libraries?  Please
>    provide a full native Windows (not MSYS or Cygwin!) absolute file
>    names of those directories.  Note that I'm talking about *.a
>    libraries, not *.dll.  There should be at least 2 directories with
>    them, one with libraries used by GCC, the other for linking against
>    Windows w32 APIs and other external libraries, like image libraries
>    and libxml.  (In most installations, there are actually 4
>    directories, not 2; please list them all.)

Inside FOO, the following directories have .h files:

Likewise for .a files (removing excessive Perl “auto” subdirectories):


>  . If you installed any additional libraries that didn't come with
>    MinGW, please provide the full absolute file names of the
>    directories where you put their *.dll and *.a files, and their
>    headers.  If you installed those libraries in the same directories
>    where you have the MinGW headers and libraries, it's enough to
>    mention that fact; no need to provide the directories explicitly.


>  . Which packages did you select in mingw-get when you downloaded
>    MinGW and MSYS?  Please provide a full list of those, and please
>    make sure to point out which were selected by default, and which
>    ones weren't and you yourself selected them.

As reported, the only one for which I needed to put a manual checkmark
was mingw32-base.  The rest of info is gone.

>  . Did mingw-get ask you any additional questions, apart of a single
>    question in which directory to install the stuff?  If it did,
>    please provide details of any non-default selections you made, or
>    any other gestures you did while downloading and installing.

This info is gone (reliable one).  AFAICR, the only choice was the
install directory (FOO above).


If I can squeeze it into a few minutes, I may try to redo installing
via mingw-get on a pristine computer (need to borrow it).


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