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bug#19983: 24.4; exit-emacs regression in 24.4?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#19983: 24.4; exit-emacs regression in 24.4?
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 13:44:57 -0400
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Sam Halliday wrote:

> With logic added to my script to skip bad builds, I get the following,
> which is really confusing because the emacs-24.3 tag is Sun Mar 10 2013
> and this is well before that. It's part of some epic merge at some
> point, and I think git just fails to calculate the correct steps between
> the two tags. Any suggestions for a better bound to check within that
> won't confuse git so much? What the earliest parent commit for the 24.4
> branch before the 24.3 code freezes?

Oh right, the 24.3 and 24.4 releases came from different branches.
Hmm. 24.4 came from the current "emacs-24" branch, so I think you should
be working with that branch rather than "master", if you aren't already.
Your end point should be the revision tagged "emacs-24.4", which should
test as bad.

24.3 came from a different emacs-24 branch, onto which the current
emacs-24 branch was destructively pushed (yay). I think this means that
your start point should be the revision at which the 24.3 and 24.4
branches diverged, which I think is
052f924a01f8a65ca0bfc9e6584302613e019489 on the current "emacs-24"
branch, which should test as good.

I have no idea how you are supposed to figure that out from first

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