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bug#20154: 25.0.50; json-encode-string is too slow for large strings

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#20154: 25.0.50; json-encode-string is too slow for large strings
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 14:22:04 -0400
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Ivan Shmakov wrote:

>       Curiously, per my experience, the practice of Cc:-ing the
>       subscribers tends to be frowned upon when it comes to the lists
>       dedicated to free software.  For the reasons I do not know or
>       understand, Emacs lists are apparently an exception, though.

Both statements are contrary to my own experience.

>       I don't seem to recall any issues with me trying to stick to the
>       custom (of /not/ Cc:-ing) I've learned earlier;

Obviously _you_ won't see any issues.

> but if necessary, I surely can remember to Cc: those who so request.

People should not have to "request" this.

AFAIK the policy on GNU mailing lists has always been "reply-to-all, and
do not assume people are subscribed." Works fine for me. Mailman has
optional duplicate suppression, and so does any decent mail client (eg

This is especially true for a bug list, where there should be zero
expectation for any correspondent to be subscribed.

I'm actually slightly surprised that


does not mention this.

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