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bug#20182: 24.4.91; [GTK3] Vertical scroll bar is "indented" from right

From: Jan D.
Subject: bug#20182: 24.4.91; [GTK3] Vertical scroll bar is "indented" from right edge of frame
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 07:05:05 +0100


> 25 mar 2015 kl. 00:20 skrev N. Jackson <address@hidden>:
> At 18:38 -0300 on Tuesday 2015-03-24, Jan D. wrote:
>> You have added an assert that is dependent on how non-Emacs code
>> behaves. That is wrong in all possible ways.
> Sorry for the confusion. I am adding nothing. I was just reporting the
> code I tested with. [When I'm debugging I like things to fail
> immediately if the code is making an invalid assumption, rather than
> waiting for confusing behaviour later on. Hence the assert.]
>> If you are adding asserts, you should be sure that all Gtk+ 2 versions
>> behaves like this, which includes all patched versions that are used
>> by distributions.
> I was working from your earlier statement, when you apparently said that
> a slider-width of 16 is always returned by gtk_widget_style_get() when
> the GDK version is not GDK3. Clearly that was a misunderstanding of what
> you wrote. At least we have now clarified that we are uncertain about
> this.

The 16 is returned by default.  A theme may have different values, but the 
width is rendered as 16 anyway, basically disregarding theme values.  Gtk2 
themes generally have 16 width scrollbars, but there might be exceptions.
Sorry if that was unclear.

        Jan D.

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