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bug#20560: 24.5; I am not happy with the new Python mode indentation beh

From: Fabrice Salvaire
Subject: bug#20560: 24.5; I am not happy with the new Python mode indentation behaviour
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 12:13:07 +0200
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Dear Emacs devs,

I noticed after an Emacs update the Python mode changed its indentation behaviour.

I checked my .emacs and .gnu-emacs-custion for settings that could interfere with the Python mode, but I found anything.

First it imposes a newer indentation style, the closing brace/bracket/parenthesis on multi-line constructs line up under the first character of the line that starts the multi-line construct:

my_list = [
____1, 2, 3,
____4, 5, 6,

while I have thousands lines of codes typed on Emacs where the closing character is indented, e.g.:

my_list = [
____1, 2, 3,
____4, 5, 6,

Moreover if you press enter in the following construct at the location marked by * to add an empty line or to add codes after the if:

if foo:
____a = 1
*a = 2

then the line is automatically indented:

if foo:
____a = 1

____a = 2

Thus I have to fight continuously with the indentation and it will probably increase the indentation noise in the VCS.

I guess Python is not the most easier language to indent automatically, but I would prefer manual indentation than to fight against my editor.

Sincerely yours,


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