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bug#16548: 24.3; remove "buffer has clients" prompt

From: Tim Howes
Subject: bug#16548: 24.3; remove "buffer has clients" prompt
Date: Sat, 16 May 2015 21:07:41 -0700 (MST)

Well, I think the same concern still applies even if only one client frame is
open. Some users might have all their "editor" buffers started by other
applications opening in the same existing frame. And the script or
application that opens the editor may not be set up to handle the error
codes correctly.

I was going to say, if the prompt bothers you, why not just add (remove-hook
'kill-buffer-query-functions 'server-kill-buffer-query-function) to your
emacs config. But it appears that doesn't work. I guess the server-specific
hooks get loaded after the init files.

Someone on StackOverflow suggested the following:
  (defun server-remove-kill-buffer-hook () 
      (remove-hook 'kill-buffer-query-functions
  (add-hook 'server-visit-hook 'server-remove-kill-buffer-hook)


I guess it would be easier if there was simply a variable, with a name such
as server-query-before-kill-buffer, that could be set to t or nil.

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