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bug#20521: setq-local definitely behaving oddly for viper mode

From: Alan Morgan
Subject: bug#20521: setq-local definitely behaving oddly for viper mode
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 09:50:28 -0700

I must be going crazy. Here is my latest sanity check code in viper-check-state in viper-cmd.el


  (when (eq (default-value 'viper-current-state) 'vi-state)

    (message "Doomed going in"))

 (setq-local viper-current-state new-state)

  (when (eq (default-value 'viper-current-state) 'vi-state)

    (message "Doomed. viper-current-state is now vi-state"))


The setq-local replaces a simple setq at about line 380. When the problem starts I see the “Doomed. Viper-current-state is now vi-state”, but I do *not* see the “Doomed going in” message. This implies that setq-local is setting the default value of the variable and that really shouldn’t be possible. Either I’m nuts or this is an emacs bug.



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