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bug#20545: Transliterating curved to straight quotes in 8-bit environmen

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#20545: Transliterating curved to straight quotes in 8-bit environments
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 20:06:16 -0700
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
I guess we can always wait and see if we get complaints about this ;-)

In trying out a few new things I did run into a problem in batch mode, because (print FOO) can generate improperly encoded output if FOO contains characters outside the system locale. For example, if the file t.el uses UTF-8 encoding and contains this:

;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
(print "‘x’ “y” `z'")

and Emacs is in an 8-bit locale, the command 'emacs --batch -l t.el' will output the string "‘x’ “y” `z'" to stdout in a UTF-8 encoding, which is an encoding error for this environment.

Although this problem can occur with any non-ASCII character, diagnostics containing curved quotes will make it more likely. I installed the attached patch to fix this, using the same technique for standard output that Emacs is already using for standard display.

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