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bug#20721: 25.0.50; Review default settings of Info-quoted face (Require

From: Vaidheeswaran C
Subject: bug#20721: 25.0.50; Review default settings of Info-quoted face (Requires > texinfo-5 ???)
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2015 12:01:36 +0530
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(gmane News server is rejecting my posts.  Re-sending via Email...)

On Tuesday 02 June 2015 10:00 PM, Drew Adams wrote:

> Since 1996, my code (info+.el [1]) does this.  (I offered this
> several times to Emacs, but there was no interest.)  By default,
> the highlighting is turned on and is noticeable.  The face I use
> for this is named `info-quoted-name' (lowercase).

I see three arguments:

  1. "Never get in to a discussion about what color your bikeshed is".
  2. "Typeset the face as LaTeX does".
  3. Coloring makes Info skimmable.

They are all solid arguments.

> Check back in another 20 years...

My sole consolation is this:

    Emacs is customizable and I have some experience customizing it.

Being on one's own has some advantages and disadvantages...

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