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bug#20707: [PROPOSED PATCH] Use curved quoting in C-generated errors

From: Wolfgang Jenkner
Subject: bug#20707: [PROPOSED PATCH] Use curved quoting in C-generated errors
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2015 15:17:13 +0200
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On Sat, Jun 06 2015, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

> On the Linux console, there are a maximum of 256 glyphs which can be
> displayed (or 512 if you're prepared to do without half of the colours),
> each of which can be assigned to an arbitrary set of unicode characters.
> This limit is a hangover from video hardware made ~30 years ago, and it
> is a shame that it still persists, even on modern software generated
> video.

There are graphical (framebuffer based, no X needed) terminal emulators
for GNU/Linux which don't have this limitation on the number of glyphs,
in particular fbterm is quite nice, see the thread around


There's also the newer (and perhaps not so widely available?) kmscon.

(Also, FreeBSD now provides a very capable graphical console out of the

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