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bug#20782: 25.0.50; Emacs crashes when creating a file with emacs-templa

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: bug#20782: 25.0.50; Emacs crashes when creating a file with emacs-template package w/o interactive call
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 07:49:21 +0200

Le 11/06/2015 04:43, Stefan Monnier a écrit :
>> For starting Emacs from gdb could you please remind me the command line,
>> assuming that /Somewhere/trunk is the directory under which I have all
>> the Emacs build tree from bazaar (please note that my latest build was
>> with Bazaar, I don't know whether you have moved to Git yet).
> Does that mean you use the old Bazaar code, or do you use "bzr" to
> checkout the code from the Git repository (using bzr-git, I guess)?
>         Stefan

Hello Stefan,

It is the old bazaar code I think, as Glenn noticed my build is
versioned as follows:

GNU Emacs (i686-pc-mingw32) of 2014-11-03 on AIGLEROYAL

At that time, as far as I understood, the move to Git was not yet actual
--- but maybe I missed the point as I do not follow Emacs development so


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