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bug#20908: 25.0.50; gnutls-negotiate error "Invalid format operation %u"

From: lo2net
Subject: bug#20908: 25.0.50; gnutls-negotiate error "Invalid format operation %u"
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:55:43 +0800

Hi all,
I've got a problem: when using (gnutls-negotiate :verify-error t) to initialize 
connection , server has an expired certificate cause gnutls-boot signal
an error "Invalid format operation %u", apparently it's not related to
gnutls-error. So digging into the source
code, here is the error signal:


      if (verify_error_all
          || !NILP (Fmember (QCgnutls_bootprop_trustfiles, verify_error)))
          emacs_gnutls_deinit (proc);
          error ("Certificate validation failed %s, verification code %u",
                 c_hostname, peer_verification);

After checking elisp manual and source code, function Fformat(error call
it to format string) does not
support '%u', here should using '%d' instead.

I made a simple patch for this:

Attachment: 0001-gnutls-boot-fix-error-Invalid-format-operation-u-whe.patch
Description: 0001-gnutls-boot-fix-error-Invalid-format-operation-u-whe.patch

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