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bug#20953: 25.0.50; with icomplete, completion says "Matched" and then r

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#20953: 25.0.50; with icomplete, completion says "Matched" and then returns something else.
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 04:40:42 +0300
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On 07/02/2015 12:46 AM, Nicolas Richard wrote:

I run
emacs -Q -l ~/tmp/testcompletion.el

then hit the following keys: C-h f m i n i b u f TAB RET

After "TAB" I get :
minibufferp [Matched]
in the minibuffer.

I'm assuming that's because of (setq completion-cycle-threshold t).

After "RET" I get a description of `minibuffer-depth' which is totally
unexpected to me. I expected a description of the function `minibufferp'.

Apparently, that's because minibuffer-force-complete, called from minibuffer-force-complete-and-exit, somehow interprets it as a repeated invocation.

Maybe it should examine last-command and do something with it, instead of performing the completion-in-region voodoo it's doing now. Or minibuffer-force-complete-and-exit should call a non-cycling version.

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