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bug#20183: 24.4.91; No resize handle to adjust width of Emacs windows

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#20183: 24.4.91; No resize handle to adjust width of Emacs windows
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 08:32:11 -0700 (PDT)

>  > On the other hand, this functionality is not something a user
>  > would expect to have to look up in the manual. Resizing things on
>  > screen by dragging a handle provided when placing the mouse cursor
>  > over their boundary is a very commonplace, almost universal idiom;
>  > it would be nice if Emacs could do this by default.
> I'm afraid that some users would deeply deplore the loss of sacred
> screen estate then.

They can always customize Emacs, to get back those pixels.  The problem
of not being aware of such possibilities is a bigger problem, IMHO.

And I agree with N. Jackson that this particular affordance
is something that is quite common and thus often expected.

[FWIW, I've long been in favor of giving :help-echo or other pop-up
help for UI elements a menu item that takes users to either the doc
about customizing that element or directly to an appropriate Customize
buffer.  In this case, it would mean (a) we show the handle by default
and (b) we provide mouseover help with a link that gives you access to
the doc you added about this - doc that describes the UI element and
tells you how to customize it.]

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