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bug#20975: Replacing text add also the comma

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: bug#20975: Replacing text add also the comma
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2015 00:15:35 +0200
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Suppose one has a file with this text

$ cat foo.log
abcd r8 efg

Try to replace 'r8' with 'DP', i.e. in the minibuffer,

Query replace:
Query replace r8 with: DP

The 'r8' on the first row is replaced correctly while on the second row also the comma is added to the text 'r8' to be replaced.

foo.log becomes

$ cat foo.log
abcd DP efg

Soppose, now, that foo(a_r8,b_r8,c_r8) is a Fortran/C/C++ routine...

Is this intentional or a bug?

I discovered this with recent (master) builds on MSYS2-MINGW64 (64bit Windows native). I suspect this also regards the builds on other systems..


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