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bug#20999: 24.4; Inconsistent UID vs USER resolution between emacsclient

From: Mike Alexander
Subject: bug#20999: 24.4; Inconsistent UID vs USER resolution between emacsclient and emacs daemon
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2015 20:00:19 +0000

emacs --version gives 24.4.2, while emacsclient --version gives 24.4. Furthermore, both are the version installed automatically with the make install target after building from source (using the config script).

I guess I don't _know_ it's using my username instead of UID, but I get a connection refused from the command "emacsclient -c -s $EMACS_DAEMON_NAME" after starting and confirming the daemon is running via the command "emacs --daemon=$EMACS_DAEMON_NAME".  To be safe, I replaced the environment variable with the direct text and saw the exact same issue. A " sudo netstat -xaupen | grep emac" shows the correct socket (using the UID) for the server, but the client still refuses the connection. I saw a hit on a blog talking about a similar problem and needing to specify the fullly pathed socket name to the client so I tried that and found it worked. Maybe it's not really a username versus UID issue, but the construction method between the two is clearly different somehow. 

Incidentally I'm working on a corporate server that integrates with a company wide user base, so I do have a huge UID. In my case the username is mtalexander and the UID is 1073796907.


On Tue, Jul 7, 2015, 08:48 Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote:
Mike Alexander wrote:

> Starting the emacs daemon with "emacs --daemon=$EMACS_DAEMON_NAME", where
> the $EMACS_DAEMON_NAME matches the standard letter, number, underscore
> requrements, ends up using
> my UID in the socket creation since my username is longer than 8
> characters ("/tmp/emacs$(id -u)/$EMACS_DAEMON_NAME").

I've never seen this use anything BUT the UID, no matter how long your
username is. That's what it has always used for me, with a two character
username, and emacsclient works fine.

Nevertheless, I tried with a username with more than 8 chars, and that
too worked fine.

> However, running "emacsclient -c -s $EMACS_DAEMON_NAME" fails with a
> refused connection because it attempts to connect using my username
> instead of the UID and fails to find the socket
> ("/tmp/emacs$USER/$EMACS_DAEMON_NAME").

How did you conclude that it was trying to use your username?

I don't suppose you have a huge UID?

Are you sure your version of emacsclient matches your version of emacs?

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