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bug#21012: 25.0.50; eww: last char of a line sometimes not fully visible

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: bug#21012: 25.0.50; eww: last char of a line sometimes not fully visible
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2015 22:06:16 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.0.50 (gnu/linux)

Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> First, regarding your suggestion above to use end-of-visual-line: this
> is only TRT when shr-width is nil, i.e. shr is filling text to the
> full window width.  But shr-vertical-motion should also support the
> case when shr-width is some specific number of columns or pixels, in
> which case end-of-visual-line will put us at the wrong position.

Ok, I kind of expected that.

> Now to the issues I found.
> First, the value of shr-internal-width was computed incorrectly: it
> used window-width, which, as you discovered, is more than the text
> area width, and it subtracted 2 columns from that value, whereas it
> really needs to subtract only 1 (since column numbers are zero-based).


> Here's a patch that attempts at fixing all but the last of these
> issues; if it gives good results, I will install it.  If not, please
> show a test case that reproduces whatever problems are left.
> [...]

Ok, thanks much so far.

The problem described by me (from the screenshot) is however not
completely fixed (recipe follows).

What I originally posted seems to happen with any text, it is more
likely to happen when you use positive text-scale-mode, and it still

If you want a precise recipe (though it's just a random example): emacs
-Q, C-h C-a, click on the first link (named "Gnu Emacs") with mouse-2.
In line 135, the last char is truncated.

If you hit C-x C-+, you will find more and more partly visible chars the
more you scale up.

Using `end-of-visual-line' seemed to fix this, but we can't use it.
Is `window-text-pixel-size' useful?



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