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bug#21080: Scrolling bug

From: Bru Rom
Subject: bug#21080: Scrolling bug
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:51:12 +0300


I work in terminal on Ubuntu 15.04 (xterm, GNOME terminal) with very big text files, very long lines and warping (via global-visual-line). I want to scroll by one line, so i set scroll-conservatively to
most-positive-fixnum. When i read text and scroll down everything is fine, but when i want to return back and scroll up *over warped lines*, cursor jumps on the second line from the top of window. According to manual, faq, wiki and google i try to play with other scroll-related settings, such as margin, aggressiveness, step, but with no result. Cursor still jump by two lines when moving up. Looks like a bug. In GUI version everything is good and scrolls by one line. This bug is only in terminals. Confirm with 24.4.1 and 24.5.

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