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bug#21112: 25; Patch: show minibuffer messages with a face

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#21112: 25; Patch: show minibuffer messages with a face
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 08:42:44 -0700 (PDT)

> > I haven't looked at the patch, and I misread the request as
> applying
> > to `message' output, not `minibuffer-message'. But I have the same
> > response in the latter case - leave it alone, so users can do with
> > it what they like.
> I understand what you mean and I agree when you say that the current
> implementation is more flexible.  The problem that this patch tries
> to
> solve is that -- as far as I can see -- all Emacs messages are
> currently passed as plain strings, and thus appear in the same face
> as
> user input, making it seem that Emacs is meddling with user input,
> which is not the case.  Now, requiring callers to specify a face for
> every single message would be burdensome, wouldn't it?  Maybe, could
> we make `minibuffer-message' apply the `minibuffer-prompt' face only
> if the message lacks its own faces?  Or maybe, could we split
> `minibuffer-message' in two functions, one -- internal -- that
> applies
> the `minibuffer-prompt' face and one that doesn't?  The same
> approach
> could be applied to the minibuffer prompt, too.

I hear you, but I would (still) say leave it alone.

It is not just that the string that might already have faces.
A user can have a standalone minibuffer with a default face, etc.

YAGNI - my 2 cents

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