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bug#22105: 25.1.50; REGRESSION - `modify-frame-parameters'

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#22105: 25.1.50; REGRESSION - `modify-frame-parameters'
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2015 15:07:26 +0100

> I don't think the option itself is related to the problem you see.  It's
> rather the behavior when the option is not chosen.

IIUC the problem I see can be described more easily as follows.
Evaluate in sequence the following expressions with emacs -Q:

(modify-frame-parameters nil '((menu-bar-lines . 0) (height . 30)))
(modify-frame-parameters nil '((menu-bar-lines . 1) (height . 40)))
(frame-parameter nil 'height)

Here the height reported by the last form is 41.  This seems bug#1348
again.  Until that gets fixed we can expect it to hit us everywhere we
set a frame size and some other parameter that affects the same size.

Your code behaves as intended on GNU/Linux (although my system is slow
enough so I can watch the single resize operations).  Maybe you should
change the OS.  Otherwise, never mix two parameters in one and the same
‘modify-frame-parameters’ call that may affect the same size parameter.
Or, if they miraculously work with some older Emacs version on Windows,
then stick to that version.


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