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bug#22145: 25.0.50; tramp and auto-revert tests hang on OS X

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: bug#22145: 25.0.50; tramp and auto-revert tests hang on OS X
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 16:38:48 +0100

> I get:
> -bash: test: too many arguments
> -bash: test: too many arguments

Hmm. This is unexpected. And Tramp would see such errors; it is trained
to detect failed commands. Maybe a cut'n'paste error?

Could be. Could you send the commands in an attachment.

> I didn't see any beeps in the output (I even checked with "od -a").
> OS X Yosemite comes with bash 3.2.57 (from 2007) -- so it might not be
> up to speed when it comes to parsing the command line with odd
> characters. (Just a theory, but I thought it would be worth pointing
> it out.)

So maybe another ls is used than the one I check? Since I have no OS X
machine, I read the man page at

Does your ls behaves like this? The "-w" option is important.

It does have the -w option, but I don't really know what to look for. Anyway, it's hard to test as it defaults to using -w when the output isn't a terminal.

Anyway, I've attached the output of using "ls" on some UTF-8 characters.

    -- Anders

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