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bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#10873: 24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (!)
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 10:00:51 -0800 (PST)

>  > *Completions* is not a modal window.
> I don't mind to disagree here.

Not sure it is important to discuss this, but what is your

>  > And it is not the case that
>  > users cannot or should not start another activity (related or
>  > unrelated) while the minibuffer is active or *Completions* is shown.
> Agreed.  That's precisely why the *Completions* window is dedicated.
>  > Certainly users should not be proscribed from having a completion
>  > in progress while they file a bug report.  Think, for instance, of
>  > `enable-recursive-minibuffers'.  Or think of keys that invoke
>  > commands from the minibuffer - commands that might do nearly
>  > anything.  Or think of wanting to refer to the *Completions*
>  > buffer while filling out a bug report.
> Agreed, again.
>  > The bug-reporting code should not make any special assumptions
>  > about other user activity that might be in progress or done "in
>  > parallel".  It should not assume that either it or some other
>  > activity is modal.  A truly modal activity will in any case do
>  > its best to prevent anything else from interfering.
>  >
>  > Certainly preparing a bug report is NOT a modal activity,
> The modal activity in the case at hand is picking up a completion.

That's not modal, if by that you mean that you cannot (or even
that you should not) do anything else until you choose a
completion candidate.  You can do all kinds of things while
the minibuffer is waiting for you to choose a candidate.
There is nothing modal about this.

>  > Since it is a regression it should not be impossible or unfeasible
>  > to obtain the pre-regression behavior again.
> Easy.  Find someone who makes the *Completions* window non-dedicated
> again.  My interest in this bug is exhausted already.

I don't argue that the implementation should return to what it
was before Emacs 23.  Nor do I argue that the *Completions*
window should not be dedicated.

I argue only that (1) the bug-reporting window(s) should be visible
and (2) other windows should not be removed.

A start might be to combine the instructions/help window with
the reporting window.  The reporting window already has lots
of instructional text in it.  Using a separate page in that
window for the help info would go a long way toward stopping
the reporting window from being occluded.

It might even help if the order of creation of the two bug
windows were reversed (dunno).  What happens now is that the
more important of the two windows is hidden and the less
important of the two is shown - just the help.  That's not

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