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bug#1452: Acknowledgement (23.0.60; Problem with nextstep, longlines-mod

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#1452: Acknowledgement (23.0.60; Problem with nextstep, longlines-mode,)
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2016 13:16:49 -0500
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Bug reports for GNU Elpa packages are accepted on bug-gnu-emacs, so
moving a package there does not mean its reports can simply be closed.

Things are moved to obsolete/ when they are believed to be no longer
useful; either because a more modern replacement exists (as in this
case), or because few to no people are believed to be using whatever it
is any more.

For me, bugs in obsolete things go to the bottom of the bug pile.
Since the bottom of the pile will never be reached, this means they are
wontfix for me.

Files in obsolete/ may be deleted from Emacs at some point in the future.

In a tiny number of cases, where someone thinks that something that
would in obsolete/ could still be useful, and is willing to maintain it,
it has been copied to GNU Elpa, where it will live on after it gets
removed from Emacs. (Personally I doubt whether such packages will ever
see any significant updates, or users.)

(This is all off-topic for this report; perhaps this discussion could
continue elsewhere, if there is still stuff to say.)

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