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bug#23413: rst-mode and electric-pair-pairs

From: Hong Xu
Subject: bug#23413: rst-mode and electric-pair-pairs
Date: Sun, 01 May 2016 02:35:18 -0700

Dear maintainers,

I noticed that in rst-mode the variable `electric-pair-pairs' is set.
However, according the document of the variable, it seems that this
variable should be set by the user as a fallback (according to the
user's preference) regardless of the major modes:

    Alist of pairs that should be used regardless of major mode.

    Pairs of delimiters in this list are a fallback in case they have
    no syntax relevant to `electric-pair-mode' in the mode's syntax

    See also the variable `electric-pair-text-pairs'.

    You can customize this variable.

Major modes, per my understanding, should set the syntax table properly
for electric-pair-mode to do auto pairing.

I would consider this as a bug that does not respect users'
configuration on `electric-pair-pairs'.


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