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bug#23465: 25.0.93; `lambda' after hash-quote not highlighted as keyword

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: bug#23465: 25.0.93; `lambda' after hash-quote not highlighted as keyword
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 11:34:36 +0200



> Sorry, I don't know anything about that code, and don't consider
> myself an expert on font-lock enough to judge this suggestion.  I hope
> someone else will chime in.

Well, I need to get a "go ahead" from someone to push this to the emacs-25 branch... Anyway, I mailed Stefan asking him to take a look at this.

But should we encourage this use of sharp quotes? There is no need to quote lambdas; sharp quote doesn't hurt, but is there a case where it would help with a lambda?

I thought they were the preferred way to write lambda:s. All examples in the elisp reference guide use #' and there are almost 400 uses of them in the Emacs source.

Anyway, dropping highlighting support for them isn't the way to go, yet, even if we would like to deprecate them in the future.

As an aside, it would be great if we could get rid of the duplication between lisp--el-non-funcall-position-p vs elisp--form-quoted-p, elisp--expect-function-p and some bits inside elisp-completion-at-point. Or reduce it, at least.

Good points. However, shouldn't this be done in the master branch, not in emacs-25?

When we're talking about enhancements. Currently, lisp special forms (like "if" and "and") as well as elisp macros are highlighted using the keyword face. Shouldn't it be better to use two different faces, or at least give the user the option to configure this separately? I would imagine that the real keywords would no longer stand out in lisp source using lots of macros. (Again, this is not for emacs-25.)

    -- Anders

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