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bug#20619: Another HiDPI issue

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#20619: Another HiDPI issue
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 09:00:49 +0200

> I read the patch and did not see anywhere where it affected the main window
> size. The changes appear to be isolated to the position of popups; in
> particular the only functions modified are `xg_show_tooltip` and
> `create_and_show_popup_menu`.  I am happy to try a patch if it will address
> the main window size issues I am seeing.

Ryan Prior has written a patch for the original problem posted in this
thread.  Unfortunately, Michael Droettboom (the poster of the problem)
never responded and neither did other persons who reported similar
problems.  In December, for example, David Christiansen promised to test
Ryan's patch as soon as he would get home from honeymoon.  Apparently he
never did ...

Since you are able to reproduce the problem, it would have been a nice
gesture if you applied the patch and tested whether it resolves the
original problem.  Maybe this way you could have provided sufficient
motivation for Ryan to investigate the problem you see too.  As it
stands, it's virtually impossible to convince HiDPI users to test Ryan's
patch and we very likely lost another contributor.


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