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bug#21489: 25.0.50; Echoing and message interaction (Bug#21489)

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#21489: 25.0.50; Echoing and message interaction (Bug#21489)
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 07:52:55 -0700
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I'm following up on <http://bugs.gnu.org/21489> dated 2015-09-15.

I tried the example code you gave, and it behaved oddly for me under Emacs 24.5. I ran the program and typed "ab" and Emacs echoed "Hello" in the minibuffer. I then typed "bbbbbbbbbbb" and nothing happened. I then typed "c" and Emacs echoed "a c is undefined" in the minibuffer. (I didn't do this because I knew what would happen; I was just trying things idly.)

In contrast under Emacs 25.0.50, when I typed "ab" Emacs delayed and then echoed "a-". Then, each time I typed "b" it cleared the minibuffer, delayed, and then echoed "a-". When I finally typed "c" it it echoed "a c is undefined". This behavior more clearly indicated to me what was going on (which I figured out only after a bit of thought).

This exercise was unrealistic enough that I expect we shouldn't be basing design decisions on it. That being said, for this particular use case the 25.0.50 behavior appears to be a minor improvement over 24.5.

I suspect you filed this bug report because of some other, more-realistic code that behaves poorly with 25.0.50's echoing behavior. If so, could you please explain what the code is and what the misbehavior's symptoms are?

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