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bug#23606: 25.1.50; "localhost" vs. ""

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#23606: 25.1.50; "localhost" vs. ""
Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 18:30:10 -0400
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Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> If it doesn't work on Cygwin, then perhaps the test should just be
> disabled there.

It's not just Cygwin.

> There's one test for "localhost" and one for "", and the point
> of those tests are to test whether name resolution works, and to test
> that connecting with an IP address works.

I think you mean echo-server-with-localhost and echo-server-with-ip?
Both those tests pass for me on RHEL 7.2.

This report is about echo-server-nowait, which fails if "localhost" is
used, for reasons that seem to be unrelated to what the test is actually
supposed to be for.

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