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bug#23609: 25.0.92; Python eldoc freeze

From: Jules Tamagnan
Subject: bug#23609: 25.0.92; Python eldoc freeze
Date: Fri, 27 May 2016 15:13:42 -0400
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks, this is now clear.  A coupe of comments:
>   . Should 1 be a defcustom?  IOW, could it be that different users
>     have different annoyance thresholds, and are willing to wait
>     longer before turning eldoc-mode off?

Well eldoc mode remains on it simply won't do the automatic check
anymore when hovering over a function, you can still request the
documenation though the keybinding.

And yes the threshhold can be different for different people if that is
an option that you think would be good to add its pretty simple to add.

>   . The problem happens only when the interpreter is busy doing
>     something, is that right?  If so, perhaps we shouldn't turn
>     eldoc-mode off, but instead simply return?

The problem with simply returning instead of canceling the behavior for
the buffer is that a second (or so) later eldoc will once again try to
fetch the documentation and will be frozen until the timeout. This means
that you will be repeatidly be getting frozen as you type. It won't be
a complete freeze that crashes emacs but it won't be pleasant.

>   . If we do turn eldoc-mode off, then I think a message to that
>     effect is in order, to let the user know.

We're not turning it off but yes a warning would definitely be nice.

Thanks for hearing me out

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