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bug#23641: emacs-25.0.94 build feedback

From: Nelson H. F. Beebe
Subject: bug#23641: emacs-25.0.94 build feedback
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 12:41:14 -0600

I'm pleased to report that I've successfully built and installed the
latest emacs-25.0.94 test release on at least 65 flavors of Unix in my
test lab of more than 80 such systems.

However, on FreeBSD 11 x86-64, I ran into an issue.  Configuring
selects -lgio in src/Makefile, but that library has a problem on that
system: it refers to a symbol address@hidden that is not defined in
any of the 3492 libraries installed on my system.  Even a forced
reinstallation of the -lgio library did not resolve the missing

I made numerous unsuccessful attempts with various --without-XXX
options at configure time to try to eliminate the reference to -lgio,
but all failed.

I then examined configure.ac, where it appears that -lgio has to do
with glib, but could still not see what library options are forcing
the inclusion of -lgio.

I finally succeeded in building the new emacs with

        ./configure --without-all --with-x && gmake all

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