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bug#23658: 25.1.50; make-network-connection fails to connect to IPv6 add

From: Fran Litterio
Subject: bug#23658: 25.1.50; make-network-connection fails to connect to IPv6 address on Windows
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2016 15:04:56 +0000 (UTC)
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Ken Brown <kbrown <at> cornell.edu> writes:

> While we're waiting for an expert to respond to this, it's
> easy to test if my guess is correct.  Please apply
> the following patch, rebuild, and retry your tests.

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately, your patch doesn't apply cleanly.  My source near
those lines no longer looks like the context in your patch.
In particular, I no longer have a call to connect_network_socket
at line 3142.  I see this commit by Paul Eggert in my source:

commit 918ef71538fd43049496e4370eba63e3096a4933
Author: Paul Eggert <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon May 23 08:56:42 2016 -0700

  Don't use only last protocol from getaddrinfo
  Problem reported by Ken Brown in:
  * src/process.c (conv_addrinfo_to_lisp): New function.
  (connect_network_socket): Arg is now a list of addrinfos, not
  merely IP addresses.  All uses changed.  Use protocol from
  each addrinfo.
  (Fmake_network_process): Accumulate protocols into addrinfos
  rather than just using the last one found.
  (check_for_dns): Accumulate protocols here, too.
  * src/process.h (struct Lisp_Process): Remove ai_protocol;
  no longer needed.

I built Emacs from source containing that commit, but it didn't fix
the problem.  Let me know if there's any more I can do to help.  I
will leave my local repo in the state where the above commit is
the most recent commit to src/process.c, in case you need me to
try another patch.
Fran Litterio

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