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bug#23818: c-beginning-of-defun misbehaviour

From: Rolf Ade
Subject: bug#23818: c-beginning-of-defun misbehaviour
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 02:19:21 +0200

The same in 24.5 and

emacs -Q

Open some random emtpy buffer foo.c, put it in c-mode (M-x c-mode) and
insert the following C code:

#define DBG(x) x

static void __dbgAttr () {
    /* something */

int main (void) 
    int i;
    return i;

int foo () 
    int i;
    return 1;

Put the point inside function main and C-M-home (or M-x
c-beginning-of-defun). Instead of the beginning of main() the point is


Far away from

_P_int main(void)

This isn't "unbalanced braces in preprocessor statements are
horrendously difficult to parse" as in bug #23775, there are no
unbalanced braces everywhere. It's that some code above the code of a
syntactical correct function disturbs c-beginning-of-defun in finding
the beginning of the function.

Put the point into or at the end of function foo, do C-M-home and you
are at the beginning of function foo. Do C-M-home again, and you are not
at the beginning of main, but of the beginning of DBG.

Remove the DBG(). Now C-M-home works, even if the point is inside or the
end of main().

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