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bug#24226: (Windows) menu-set-font doesn't work for all font styles

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#24226: (Windows) menu-set-font doesn't work for all font styles
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 18:07:35 +0300

> From: Juhani Åhman <address@hidden>
> Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 23:28:34 +0300
> "Options->Set Default Font..." (or menu-set-font) font selection menu 
> doesn't let you select
> certain fonts styles, eg. "Source Code Pro ExtraLight" font
> (https://github.com/adobe-fonts/source-code-pro). Only "Regular" works.
> It complains:
> set-face-attribute: Font not available: #<font-spec nil nil Source\ 
> Code\ Pro\ ExtraLight nil nil light nil nil 12.0 nil nil nil ((:name . 
> "Source Code Pro ExtraLight-12:light") (user-spec . "Source Code Pro 
> ExtraLight-12:light"))>

I cannot reproduced this.  I tried both Emacs 24.5 and the latest RC
of Emacs 25.1, on Windows 7, and both allowed me to select any style
of this font family.

The fonts come in a large archive, with many different variants (OTF,
TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, etc.).  Which ones did you install?  I installed the
ones in the TTF directory.

Also, please try this in "emacs -Q", perhaps some of your
customizations get in the way.


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