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bug#24271: 25.1; font-lock problem of c++-mode

From: Jiajian Huang
Subject: bug#24271: 25.1; font-lock problem of c++-mode
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 16:27:38 +0800

Thanks for your reply.

The effects of changing the colors is exacerbated in your case by the
fact that you use a bold face for some of the faces.  

The changes is really annoying. In my opinion, a bold type font for keywords 
and variable name is just too common in modern editor using a large monitor.
With the regular font style, it’s difficult to read the code.

On 20 Aug 2016, at 16:15, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:

Regardless of what Alan, the developer of the C++ mode says about
this, I think you can avoid at least some of the unpleasant effects of
this in your setup if you activate stealth fontification by setting
jit-stealth-time to some non-nil value, like 0.1. 

Do you mean jit-lock-stealth-time ?

I set it to 0.1 (even 0.8) and nothing changes.


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