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bug#24526: @ Bug 24526, please find textfile results attached ...

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#24526: @ Bug 24526, please find textfile results attached ...
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 08:51:58 +0200

> I tested as suggested - please find the results below, thank you for looking
> into this:

Sorry, using xwininfo is not what I meant.  Please try to determine the
window size from within Emacs.  For this purpose start Emacs as

emacs -geometry 135x34+35+20 -iconic

and then, within the instance of emacs you started this way, after
deiconifying the frame, do

M-: (frame-geometry)

This should print something like

((outer-position -4 . -4) (outer-size 1688 . 1030) (external-border-size
4 . 4) (title-bar-size 1662 . 19) (menu-bar-external . t) (menu-bar-size
1680 . 19) (tool-bar-external) (tool-bar-position) (tool-bar-size 0 . 0)
(internal-border-width . 0))

in the echo area.  Please copy the string you get there (from the
*Messages* buffer) and post it here.  Then do the same also for

emacs -Q


emacs -iconic

that is once for an emacs instance without and once with your .emacs
init file.  For the latter please also do C-x 5 2 and then type

M-: (frame-geometry)

in the new frame you just created and retrieve the results.

And please don't forget to report for which platform your Emacs was
built and which window manager you use.

The reasons for different behaviors we all may see in this context are
too manifold to cite here.  The main reason is that Emacs iconifies the
frame before calculating its desired size and, once it has calculated
that size, doesn't tell the window manager/OS about it.


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