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bug#24500: 25.1.50; Can't other-window from minibuffer if Ediff control

From: Richard Copley
Subject: bug#24500: 25.1.50; Can't other-window from minibuffer if Ediff control panel frame present
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 19:13:48 +0100

On 30 September 2016 at 09:32, martin rudalics <address@hidden> wrote:
>> With patch (1) the focus can get stuck. Having saved the "my-other-window"
>> example above as "x.el", from "emacs -Q",
>> M-x load-file RET x.el RET ;; Creates and selects a minibuffer-less frame.
>> ;; Call the initial frame "frame 1" and the minibuffer-less frame "frame
>> 2".
>> C-x b window2 RET ;; Select named window in frame 2 for clarity.
>> C-x 5 o ;; Switch to frame 1
>> M-x
>> C-x 5 o ;; Switch to frame 2
>> C-x o ;; Select window *scratch* in frame 1.
>> C-x o ;; Select minibuffer.
>> C-g ;; Quit M-x
>> ;; Selected frame is frame 2
> Why do you think so?  The selected frame is frame 1 ever since C-x o
> selected it (and it did so twice in a row).

OK, then I now realize I have no idea what "selected frame" means.
The fact I was attempting to express is that the activated window
at the window-manager level is frame 2.

>> and selected window in frame 2 is "window2",
>> ;; but focus is still redirected to frame 1 (selected window now
>> "*scratch*").
>> xyzzy ;; Characters are inserted in *scratch*.
>> No amount of switching between frames 1 and 2 changes the focus
>> redirection,
> I'm not sure I understand what you mean here.  Do you mean that C-x 5 o
> after the C-g does not select window2?

I'd better assume that I don't know what "select window2" means either.

I mean that the window with the solid flashing cursor where text is inserted
when you type characters is window2, and that can't be changed by
typing Alt-Tab (which on this Windows system is not passed to Emacs but
activates a different window), nor by clicking on the non-client area of frame

In fact I hadn't tried C-x 5 o. That does fix things.

>> but clicking inside a window on frame 2 does remove
>> the redirection and get things back to normal.

> What was abnormal before?

I have no idea what's normal and what isn't any more :)

I had expected activating frame 2 (using the window manager) to let me
type characters into window2.

>> I'll try patch (2) later. It sounds logical to me.
> martin

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