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bug#24555: [PATCH] Remove unused variable `command-debug-status'

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: bug#24555: [PATCH] Remove unused variable `command-debug-status'
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 18:12:06 +0200

> Either "git diff" with the commit log message prepended, or
> "git format-patch", whatever works best for you.


> I think your patch lacks the call to make-obsolete-variable.  We need
> that to warn users of this variable about it being obsoleted.

Well, I thought about it but was not sure about various things, so I didn't do it. Here are the things I'm unsure about:

(make-obsolete-variable OBSOLETE-NAME CURRENT-NAME WHEN &optional ACCESS-TYPE)

Make the byte-compiler warn that OBSOLETE-NAME is obsolete.
The warning will say that CURRENT-NAME should be used instead.
If CURRENT-NAME is a string, that is the ‘use instead’ message.
WHEN should be a string indicating when the variable
was first made obsolete, for example a date or a release number.

  1. Where should I make the `make-obsolete-variable` call (in which file)? Given it's defined in callint.c it's not really obvious in which .el it should go.
  2. I don't have a "current name". Should I make CURRENT-NAME something like "This variable will be removed in the future"? Should I pass "nil"?
  3. What WHEN release number should I use? 25.2 ?

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