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bug#24579: [PATCH] borderless windows on OS X

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#24579: [PATCH] borderless windows on OS X
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2016 20:09:48 +0200

> Doesn't that depend on the window manager? For example, I can press
> Meta while dragging a frame to move it on my distro.

Whatever we do has to work with most window managers.  If most window
managers allow Meta dragging, we can drop this issue.

> By arbitrary
> frame, I meant the kind of frame that you can create with make-frame
> (as opposed to a tooltip frame).  IIUC, the main difference is whether
> you can create multiple of them at the same time.

Agreed.  However, such frames will never be as functional as a standard
graphical frame which is controlled by the window manager.  We have to
make a checklist for what we expect such frames to accomplish and what
Emacs has to do to manage them.

But remember that the topic of the present thread is to implement frames
without titlebars and external borders on OS X.  We can, in principle,
do that on GNU/Linux and Windows.  We cannot do that, so far, on OS X.

>> Add a (border-width . 0) entry to `tooltip-frame-parameters' and show a
>> native Emacs tooltip.
> Can we show multiple of these at once? I thought we were limited to having a 
single one shown at any time, unlike regular frames.

Yes, there can be only one tooltip frame.  I posted a feature to show
multiple such frames in the "Latest master broken on Cocoa/NS" thread
but IIRC never got a response from you.


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