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bug#24624: 24.4; Faulty info link -> definition of nth

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#24624: 24.4; Faulty info link -> definition of nth
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 10:50:18 +0200

>> there is a link named Definition of nth. It doesn't take me to the
>> definition of nth. It jumps me to -- Function: make-list length object.
> I cannot reproduce this, that link does work for me.  I tried both
> Emacs 24.4 and the latest 25.1, and the Info reader built into Emacs
> works correctly in both cases.

Something seems to be wrong with the Tag Table in elisp.info.  In this
particular case I see on line 80603 of elisp.info

Ref: Definition of nth^?260740^M

which translates in ‘Info-find-node-2’ to a guesspos of 254814 which is
somewhere in section 5.1.  With Emacs 25/26 on Windows XP.

A Emacs build of 2014-11-25 exhibits

Ref: Definition of nth^?255333^M

which gets me to the requested definition.

BTW something completely irrational is happening with edebug here.  Once
I instrumented a function in info.el I can't `eval-buffer' the info.el
buffer unless I kill the *info* buffer first.  Otherwise, I immediately
reenter the debugger.


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