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bug#24627: 24.5; (thing-at-point 'list) may return a non-empty string wi

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: bug#24627: 24.5; (thing-at-point 'list) may return a non-empty string without a list
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 17:37:14 +0200
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On 11.10.2016 05:42, Tino Calancha wrote:
Andreas Röhler <address@hidden> writes:

On 06.10.2016 11:43, Tino Calancha wrote:


       ;; Try moving forward, then back.
       (funcall ;; First move to end.
        (or (get thing 'end-op)

Still think bounds-of-thing-at-point should move backward first

parse-partial-sexp offers some handy info for beginning, not end
I agree with you that `bounds-of-thing-at-point' needs some work.  I have
noticed other issues with it.  We might work on them once we fix this bug.

In the example in this thread the problem arise because
`thing-at-point-bounds-of-list-at-point', which is the actual
function doing the job here.  We need to fix this function.
Without it, the previous example works:

emacs -Q thingatpt.el -eval "(require 'thingatpt)"
M-: (put 'list 'bounds-of-thing-at-point nil) RET
M-: (thing-at-point 'list t) RET
=> nil


(defun foo ())

at first open paren

M-: (thing-at-point 'list t) RET

returns the whole thing, right.

But at second open paren returns the whole function too - where it should return the empty arg-list

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