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bug#24782: 26.0.50; Crash on browse-url

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: bug#24782: 26.0.50; Crash on browse-url
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 19:15:51 +0200
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On Okt 25 2016, Jean Louis <address@hidden> wrote:

> 4) M-q to format paragraph and I get this below:
> This buffer is for text that is not saved, and for Lisp evaluation. To
>       create a file, visit it with C-x C-f and enter text in its buffer.
> ^^^^^^^^ <-- here above is the TAB basically, not space

This is correct for a mail header.

> 5) M-x mail-mode, if I do same M-q formatting in mail-mode, it is not
> happening. I have added hook to use mail-mode instead of
> message-mode. But message-mode is behaving wrong.

message-mode is for editing mail and news, not random text.


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