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bug#24745: 25.1.50; whitespace.el: fix beginning/end of buffer checks

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#24745: 25.1.50; whitespace.el: fix beginning/end of buffer checks
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:45:34 +0300
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On 25.10.2016 21:44, Reuben Thomas wrote:

I should check some context: my understanding is that inline
documentation in .el files is mainly useful for high-level documentation
for standalone packages. Packages that form part of Emacs should be
documented in the manual (as whitespace.el is); details of functions and
variables should be in docstrings (as is the case for whitespace.el).
The docstrings of customizable options are readable in the customize

Maybe you're right. I'd leave at least "to change behavior, do M-x customize-group whitespace", though. Maybe someone else would like to weigh in.

‚ÄčApologies. As far as I could see, the main things that were wrong were
the summary lines and the lack of function names (or equivalent) in the
detailed log. I have rewritten all of them.

You're close, but:

- Sentences should start with a capital letter.
- The function names are usually reflowed in a different way (you can put several of them in parentheses, but each such groups only spans one line). Try copying the message from the first patch to a ChangeLog file, and press M-q to see that in action.
- The messages should references this bug report.
- The file should be consistently referred to as lisp/whitespace.el.

You can automate the adherence to most of these rules by first entering the messages in a local-only ChangeLog file, using 'C-x 4 a'. Also see "Generating ChangeLog entries" in CONTRIBUTE.

I have rebased the patch series against master and attach the new version.

Thanks. Do you have commit access?

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