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bug#23436: [PATCH] Attemp to use the true name of a file to determine re

From: Hong Xu
Subject: bug#23436: [PATCH] Attemp to use the true name of a file to determine responsible vc if the genuine name does not work.
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2016 17:42:01 -0700
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On 2016-10-25 Tue 16:12 GMT-0700, Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 25.10.2016 22:05, Hong Xu wrote:
>> I don't understand why find-alternate-file should be used.
> For no reason other than the resulting command could be useful in more 
> situations than just this one.
>> The reason we
>> used (vc-follow-link) is to pass the correct file path to
>> vc-responsible-backend. I don't see how find-alternate-file can be used here.
> It would open the file (or directory) than is the true name of the 
> currently visited file (or directory), and kill the previous buffer.
> vc-responsible-backend would be called with the true name automatically. 
> This is close to what vc-follow-link does already.
> But if that's definitely not what you want, how about a command like this?
> (defun vc-refresh-as-link-target ()
>    (interactive)
>    (let ((buffer-file-name (file-truename buffer-file-name)))
>      (vc-refresh-state)))
> By the way, please remind us why vc-follow-symlinks (the variable) with 
> the default value `ask' is not sufficient for you?

OK, I think I have screwed it up. vc-responsible-backend looks like a function
mainly provided for elisp programming purpose, which people can make use
in their own customization. Thus, none of these functions should be
used. Instead, file-truename or file-chase-links should be used. That

    (vc-responsible-backend (file-chase-links file))

>>> OK, mention where?
>> In the doc string.
> The docstring of what? Please be more precise, the less I have to think 
> about or make choices regarding documentation, the happier I am.
>> Maybe we should also mention `vc-responsible-backend'
>> in the info doc "Supported Version Control Systems" in general.
> Care to send the proposed addition in the form of a patch?

The attachment is a draft of my proposed doc change. Feel free to adjust
the contents and the language.


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