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bug#24923: 25.1; Lisp watchpoints

From: npostavs
Subject: bug#24923: 25.1; Lisp watchpoints
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 15:16:49 -0500
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:
>> @xref seems to be generating lowercase "see" for me, perhaps because I'm
>> using makeinfo 4.13?
> Unlikely.  Are you looking at the file in Info, or as plain text?  The
> former has its own ideas about how to display cross-references; I
> meant what is actually in the file.

I was looking at the file in Info-mode.  Looking in fundamental-mode, it
seems that @xref generates an uppercase "*Note", where @ref generates

Anyway, here is the final(?) patchset:

Attachment: v7-0001-Add-lisp-watchpoints.patch
Description: patch

Attachment: v7-0002-Show-watchpoints-when-describing-variables.patch
Description: patch

Attachment: v7-0003-Add-function-to-trigger-debugger-on-variable-writ.patch
Description: patch

Attachment: v7-0004-Ensure-redisplay-using-variable-watcher.patch
Description: patch

Attachment: v7-0005-Add-tests-for-watchpoints.patch
Description: patch

Attachment: v7-0006-Document-watchpoints.patch
Description: patch

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