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bug#18164: 24.3.92; appt-mode-line is missing a white-space (in conjunct

From: s shaw
Subject: bug#18164: 24.3.92; appt-mode-line is missing a white-space (in conjunction with display-time-and-date)
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 19:16:14 -0500

>> Glenn Morris wrote:
>> ... I could equally well say that display-time-mode-string does not have
>> space at either end.
>> It seems to be a general issue. Eg display-time-mode + display-battery-mode
>> has the same issue.

> H. Dieter Wilhelm wrote:
> Then this is calling for a general mode-line guide-line ;-).  Everything
> textual must be followed by a whitespace.

​While not explicitly stated it is implied[1] that a minor mode's lighter should begin with a space to prevent these issues. 

> H. Dieter Wilhelm wrote:
> for the time being, I'll activate then display-time before app-activate... :-)

Requiring one to load in a particular order or having to reformat global-mode-string is in some ways contrary to idea behind mode line control: don't modify mode-line-format, let it delegate the work to its contents. 

Why not just start each of these modes' string with a space?


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