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bug#19202: Suggestions for mml-attach-file

From: H. Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: bug#19202: Suggestions for mml-attach-file
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 06:03:16 +0100
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On 25 January 2017 21:53:07 CET, Lars Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden> wrote:
>address@hidden (H. Dieter Wilhelm) writes:
>> would you mind to enhance the mml-attach-file command so that it
>> ask interactively for Type, Description and Disposition? I'm mostly
>> happy with your defaults for them and it is becoming annoying to
>> especially for multiple attachments, RET RET RET all the time.
>Yes, I agree. In almost all the cases it guesses correctly, and if
>there's anything I want to change (say "inline" to "attachment"), then
>can just edit the MML tags inserted. That requires some expert
>knowledge, though, so I'm not quite sure that everybody would be happy
>with such a change...


>> What do you think of an optional prefix argument of C-c C-a for
>> triggering the queries? Or making two distinct commands: C-c C-a and
>> C-c RET f where the latter is querying by default and the former not?
>Hm... Or perhaps `C-u C-c C-a' would avoid all the prompts? That
>be backwards-compatible...


>> It might also be helpful if the disposition could be guessed somehow.
>> For example for well know image file suffixes as inline MIME.
>I think it already guesses the disposition?
>(mml-content-disposition "image/png")
>=> "attachment"

I see, thanks

>But it defaults images to attachment. I'm not sure... do people
>usually want images to be inline or attachments? I'm not attached (heh
>heh) to the current defaults...
>Does anybody have opinions here?

I'd prefer inline images. Because one can't put multiple images into the message with above commands. So it seems more natural to scatter them between text.

And when we are at it. The only way I know to attach multiple documents in Gnus is with dired. It would be nice if one could trigger such a functionality within Gnus...


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