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bug#25552: 26.0.50; load cl unintendedly

From: Mark Oteiza
Subject: bug#25552: 26.0.50; load cl unintendedly
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 22:37:34 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

> Katsumi Yamaoka <address@hidden> writes:
>> C-h v gnus-summ SPC
>> C-g
>> Then (featurep 'cl) gets to return t.  It is because:
>> ûgnus.el has autoload settings that load gnus-mh for gnus-summ*.
>> ûgnus-mh.el requires mh-e.
>> ûmh-e.el requires mh-compat.
>> ûmh-compat.el requires mh-acros.
>> ûmh-acros.el requires cl unconditionally.
>> û`C-h v' seems to load things related to "gnus-summ".
> It's a new feature in master:
>     ** New var 'definition-prefixes' is a hash table mapping prefixes to
>     the files where corresponding definitions can be found.  This can be
>     used to fetch definitions that are not yet loaded, for example for
>     'C-h f'.
> gnus-mh.el defines some things with prefix "gnus-", so completing a
> string with such a prefix loads that file.

I guess this explains why C-h f edt TAB gets me stuck in EDT's key
configuration wizard.

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